Why don’t they $*&%@ get it?

Solutions to end the anxiety and frustration that derails projects and big plans.

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The challenge of resistance to change

We asked leaders from some of the world’s largest organizations to tell us what keeps them awake at night when they think about leading big projects.

  • Why don’t they $*&%@ get how important this project is?
  • How come we keep making the same mistakes?
  • Why do people resist doing the hard stuff?
  • Why aren’t we all on the same page?
  • Why do so many people seem to be out for themselves?

Do those questions resonate with you? How do we get your organization focused on what’s really important?

Every one of those questions points to a huge gap in energy. It’s the gap between strong support and show-stopping resistance. And that gap is where I live. I work with leaders to help them understand what is creating the gap and how to close that divide. I hope you’ll take a look at the resources we offer.

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Rick has designed and delivered tailored programs in leading organizations such as:

lockheed martin
sandia national laboratories
Charles Schwab
The Washington Post
Rohm Ihaas
Kaiser Permanente


Case studies

We work with leaders who can’t afford for resistance to destroy their plans. Here are a few client stories.

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Get Major New Initiatives Up and Running Quickly
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Transforming Fear of the Future into a Compelling Vision of Where the Company Should Go
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Keep Change Alive from Start to Finish
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